Saturday, 11 May 2013

'Suicide' of bedroom tax victim

A grandmother killed herself after being told she needed to pay an extra £80 every month under the so-called 'bedroom tax', her son has claimed. 

Stephanie Bottrill, 53, was found dead by a motorway last weekend. Earlier, she had posted her keys and a note saying the Government was 'to blame' for her death through a neighbour's door.

Her son Steven, 27, told the Sunday People his mother had struggled to cope after learning she needed to pay extra for the home she had lived in for 18 years, under the Government scheme that charges for empty rooms in council housing. 

The grandmother, who suffered from the auto-immune system condition Myasthenia gravis, could not work and relied on benefits.

She knew she would have to move as she could not afford it, but the council could not find her anything suitable. It only offered her one property with poor transport links that she felt would have isolated her from friends and family, her son said. 

Early last Saturday morning, Ms Bottrill walked 15 minutes from the estate to Junction 4 of the M6 motorway, where she was killed.

Part of her letter to her son read: 'Don't blame yourself 4 me ending my life its my life the only people 2 blame r the Grovement no-one else.' (sic)

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