Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Welfare and Cuts: Iain Duncan Smith Caught Out Lying Twice in One Week

From Political Scrapbook

LIE ONE: Iain just loves to claim that Britain is full of inter-generational shirkers: “often three generations of the same family have never worked” Except academics have found that this , errr, isn’t true.

Even the data used by IDS’ own department gives “clear evidence” that even two-generation-never-working-families are rare. Another study sent researchers out to deprived areas of Glasgow and Middlesbrough looking for such a skiving brood — they couldn’t find one.

LIE TWO: The apposite Sun feature shown above provided a platform for IDS to whinge that the BBC were unfairly targeting him — by using the words “cuts” instead of “reform”: 

“The word ‘reform’ very rarely passes their lips but the word ‘cuts’ is always in their broadcasts.” But according to IDS’ own measure, the BBC provides him the most sympathetic coverage of any media outlet in a cross section examined by Scrapbook – proportionately mentioning the word “reform” more than any other in comparison with the word “cuts”:

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